Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vintage Sports Themed Art Prints

So I like to give away nursery art prints as gifts to close friends and family who have a baby.  Sometimes it takes me a while... my nephew was born nearly 2 years ago and I just finished the art prints I had planned on doing a long time ago (having a baby myself during that time was a large reason).  Anyway, I decided to start them the week before leaving to our family reunion, which wasn't exactly a great idea, but it got me motivated and was pleasantly surprised I finished in time.  

She wanted her boys' room to have a sports theme - and pinned some images she liked, which I did my best to replicate what she wanted.  Here is the result.  Each is on 20 x 20 canvas and painted in acrylic paint. 

And all together on her wall: 

Kitchen remodel

Well it's been over 2 years, I guess it's time to record pictures of our biggest home remodel project to date: the KITCHEN.

When we bought our new house in Colorado, there were so many things I liked about it:
the ceilings were gigantic, the amount of natural light was incredible, the windows were huge.

One thing I didn't like about it - the entire house was painted in shades of orange, YELLOW, rust red and brown. I've spent the past 2 years doing everything I could to tone those colors down. The hubs wouldn't let me repaint the entire house but I've done several sections.

The kitchen functionally was fine. Except the dishwasher was broken and had some water damage around it. I did not like the layout of the island at all and I can't stand walking on tile. Between the honey oak builder grade cabinets and the hunter green corian (!?) (serious design mistake),  I convinced the hubs to make this our first (biggest) home improvement project. 

Before pictures: (from our walk-through)
 So much tile.... everywhere....

So the first step - removing all the tile (which was NOT an easy task with the glue, cement, nails... it was a mess) 

Don't you love the yellow???!! Ew.

And another DURING: 

So we took the oak cabinets and converted the garage into my husband's work area. 
I don't mind seeing honey oak in the garage and they work great for storage. 

So we ended up gutting the entire room. We put in American walnut hardwood floors - unstained, so it shows the beautiful natural wood.  I love love love the walnut, but it is quite soft. Dropping pretty much anything will ding them, but after 2 years of wear and tear, they still look beautiful. 

And here is the end result: 

We went with cherry cabinets from Home Depot - in the Java stain.  Duston really wanted to go with the darker wood and with all the natural light in the kitchen, it worked really well.   

Finding granite to match was like finding a needle in a haystack.  I went to about a hundred stone stores.  I loved the look of marble, but I knew my family needed something stronger and more durable.  I finally found this granite in a small granite shop - the name of it is Vintage Classico. It is beautiful and the specks of burgundy and chocolate brown really highlight the cabinetry.  

The wall color is Sherwin Williams Popular grey.  It's hard to tell in the light, but it's a very mild neutral color. 

And the view from the other side.  We went with Bosch appliances - cooktop, double oven and microwave.  We opted for the LG fridge because the ice/water dispenser in the door is constantly used by all of us and this one got the highest reviews.  I have enjoyed all of them.  The dishwasher is so quiet I don't even know if it's on most of the time.  The fridge is great but so far 3 shelves have broken, so I can't recommend it to anyone.  

I love my sink - which is stainless and square. However, because it is so large and flat, the disposal does not work so well - I have to shove the food in to get it to work (and I read up on reviews and got a good disposal). I still love the size and shape of it though.  My hand sprayer is on it's own water line and is super powerful. It's one of my favorite things in my kitchen. 

The island is so nice and large and the whole family can fit around it - we eat most of our meals there.  It's also great for cooking large meals and doing homework and projects. 

Even though I couldn't get marble countertops, I was able to get a marble backsplash and I LOVE it. It is small subway tile pattern and the accent marble is raised with the bullnose surrounding it.   The pot filler is really handy, I use it regularly. 

It's so nice to have this project done! We spend a big portion of the day in this room, and it just makes me happy every time I walk into it. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yearly update - (fairly) recent art projects

This was inspired by a beautiful quilt created by the baby's grandma. One of the squares had the same stripe/dot pattern I did my best to replicate in the border. I loved how it turned out. This one was one of my more time consuming projects. Stripes are enough to drive any perfectionist straight to the loony bin. I tried to use the silhouette to make a stencil for the stripes and it didn't work so well.
This was inspired by a sculpture in the baby's nursery of a porcelain giraffe. The colors were coral and gold. The sculpture didn't have spots but I wanted to include some - so I incorporated them into the border and I loved how it turned out.
This project was mixed media - I used cardstock cut outs for the flower and elevated it on the canvas. You can't tell in the picture but there is depth to it. I used my silhouette to make a stencil for the words. It worked ok but I had to fix most of it.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Holiday Crafting

So I won't comment how it's been nearly a year since my last post. Between moving, remodeling my kitchen (among other projects), and new baby coming, I've been a little preoccupied. I have done some projects though and wanted to at least record that. Most of my ideas came from Pintrest (of course, right?). I made a collection of holiday craft items for my sister-in-law's Christmas present: The first was wood painted black with silver vinyl on two sides - one for Halloween and one for Christmas:
This is a 4th of July (pottery-barn inspired) banner I used from another lovely sister-in-law's blog :
Her pictures are much better - you can see them HERE And then these JOY letters were cardboard letters (found at Joanns), covered in a printable music print found HERE:
Then with the extra burlap I had from the banner, I made another thanksgiving banner: This was actually the EASIEST project of all.... All I did was cut the burlap, glue it to twine, and then put letters/designs printed on the Silhouette adhesive cardstock. The cardstock sticks amazingly well to the burlap. Seriously - it took me a half hour to put it all together. MY kind of project!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's day

So Mother's day actually inspired me to dig out my silhouette that has been collecting dust for the last several months and do a project!
Gathered some ideas from pintrest and this is what I came up with:

(vinyl on wood)

(I still remember coming downstairs to grandma JuJu feeding Alayna oreos for breakfast when she was like 2 years old. "teaching her to dunk". So funny)

This other gift is hard to see but I cut out vinyl and attached to a glass jar:

"Grandma's nuts" 

I knew my mother-in-law would get a kick out of it! And she loves nuts so it totally worked.
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Monday, February 4, 2013

House: Before and After

So I've been out of blogging commission lately - largely due to some significant life changes that have occurred - namely selling our house, changing jobs, moving (multiple) states, etc

But I was going through old pictures and had to post these before and afters of our house.  We were in our house for 5 years and it was a labor of love.  We got it looking really great (and then moved).

Hoping we can get our next house how we want it and actually live in it for a while.

*Disclaimer: all the "before" pictures included the previous owner's belongings.

Front of house: BEFORE

Front of house: AFTER

Living room: BEFORE

Living room: After (new builtins, recessed lighting, etc)

Dining room: BEFORE

Dining room: AFTER

Guest room: BEFORE

Guest room: AFTER

Girls bedroom: BEFORE

Girls bedroom: AFTER

Boy's bedroom: BEFORE

Boy's bedroom: AFTER

Master bedroom: BEFORE

Master bedroom: AFTER

Master bath: BEFORE

Master bath: AFTER (this was probably our biggest project)

Basement: BEFORE

Basement: AFTER

Path to backyard: BEFORE

Path to backyard: AFTER

Backyard: BEFORE

Backyard: AFTER